A (censured) comment on an article in thewire.in

This is a comment on this article in thewire.in titled “Swadeshi Indology and the Destruction of Sanskrit”. The authors are: Sanjay Krishnan is Associate Professor of English at Boston University and Teena Purohit is Assistant Professor of Religion at Boston University. They seem to be from the Pollock cabal.

I had submitted this comment on 11 March, 2016 but it was not posted for 5 days. I sent an email to the editors. No response! An example of censurship by the “liberal” media!

Having read Rajiv Malhotra’s critique of Pollock in “The Battle for Sanskrit”, impartiality is not the adjective I would use for Pollock. Infact Pollock himself has admitted using a political lens to look at Indian scriptures. He invented ‘political philology’, for crying out loud!

As for Pollock’s scholarship, his method appears to be to cherry pick data to fit his theories. In other words, data and logic are secondary for him. To make his theories work he can even go as far as manipulating historical chronology! In physical sciences, that would be called out as academic misconduct. Standards of western indology seem to be different.

Nevertheless, I would absolutely not want Pollock and his cabal to be silenced. In fact I would like them to respond to the issues raised by RM.

In that spirit, I welcome articles like this since it gives an opportunity to put forth an alternative point of view. Although I doubt that the authors would be open to considering the alternative, but some of the readers here might be more open minded. To them I would strongly recommend Rajiv Malhotra’s book and also articles associated with the petition.

The petition per se has been unsuccessful since Pollock continues to be at the helm of Murthy library. However, it has been incredibly successful at spreading awareness about this topic, impact of which might be even greater than if Pollock had been removed.


Author: thisisnotrightwing

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