Why the Hindus do not Convert?

One aspect of Hinduism that is more widely accepted, even by the outsiders, is that Hindus do not evangelize. Forget trying to convert others, often parents do not impose their beliefs on children. It is not uncommon to find members of the same family praying to different Gods, and some not praying at all! No Indian ruler has waged a war in order to spread his faith. And even if a particular belief or philosophy received royal patronage, it was not to supplant the current belief system, but just to complement it.

 Although widely accepted, I don’t think this aspect of Hinduism is widely appreciated, even by Hindus. Let me explain. The goal of any practicing Hindu is to achieve Moksha – freedom from suffering. Now if you think you have found a way to achieve Moksha, would you not be motivated to “spread the word” to your family and friends. In fact, would it not be incredibly selfish to not do so? And yet Hindus don’t convert!

 The reason, as I see it, is a deep understanding that every person is different – in terms of prakriti (nature, temperament, intellect) and samskar (past experiences, including previous lives). As a result, the path to Moksha for you may not work for someone else. In fact, every one needs to search for their own path uniquely customized for them, usually by a Guru. That is why Hindus call themselves seekers, not believers.

I have come up with an mantra stating this is in a more tongue in cheek manner: Your Moksha is not my problem; and mine shouldn’t be yours. 🙂


Author: thisisnotrightwing

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