Protect Kumbh Mela

(5 June 2016)

Just a few weeks back Rajiv Malhotra started a new initiative alerting Hindus to the dangers to the Kumbh Mela posed by the various Breaking India forces. With his books so far RM has jolted the more educated English speaking Hindus out of their comfort zone and forced them to confront these issues. By critiquing Sheldon Pollock in The Battle for Sanskrit he has clearly disrupted the academic study of Indology.

This Kumbh Mela initiative has the potential to take the message to the lay Hindu in the villages, especially in the plains of north India. If successful, this is going to be HUGE! Much more so than the Ram Mandir issue. Because this time it is managed by an independent intellectual who has shraddha and a deep understanding of our heritage, not a political party. The Ram Mandir episode alienated me from Hinduism. But the Kumbh Mela motivates me to learn more about it.

This is a rapidly developing story. If you care about this issue, like RM‘s facebook page. There are regular updates including live video addresses which currently is the primary mode of outreach.

Facebook Live Video Messages

  1. 26 May 2016 (17 min) Part 1
  2. 29 May 2016 (20 min) Part 2
  3. 03 Jun 2016 (32 min) Q&A on previous episodes


Additional material

  1. Nov 2015 article by Rajiv Malhotra titled Why is the Kumbh Mela at risk?  This article brought this issue to the forefront for the first time.
  2. May 2016. Sadhguru on Reviving the Kumbh Mela.






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