But why would the outsiders distort our history?

Whenever I suggest that our history and philosophy was first distorted by the Europeans and is now being distorted by the Americans, this question of motivation comes up. Essentially the other person is giving the outsiders the benefit of the doubt in that they might be motivated by genuine love and appreciation of India. Or I might just be a conspiracy theorist!

This short 5min talk by Rajiv Malhotra should clear up any such doubts


To put it more bluntly, using an analogy from RM, a biologist may dedicate his whole life to study bacteria, but not because of affection for the bacteria but because he wants to find new ways of killing it!

This is a wonderful analogy because it also explains why the outsiders may intially praise the Indian civilization. Biologists are very impressed by how a bacteria finds creative new ways to escape (that is, develop resistance) to antibiotic drugs. And when they figure how the bacteria does it, they write about it with great pride about how they discovered the escape mechanism and how they can now design new drugs to overcome it.

Likewise missionionaries may initially be puzzled and impressed by the resistance of Hindus towards conversion. This resistance may motivate them to deeply study Hinduism. In the process they may discover some new and intriguing ideas, but that may not lead to a change of heart. The end goal may still remain unchanged. A good example of this is the neo hinduism thesis explained here:





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