How India should deal with President Trump?

Yes, it did happen. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. Who is Donald Trump? John Oliver answers this in detail here!

But what does it mean for India? Rajiv Malhotra addresses this in an insightful article published on Swarajya on Nov 9, 2016. Excerpts (emphasis my own):

India should formulate a totally pragmatic approach for dealing with Trump.

India’s most important diplomatic offensive should be on Baluchistan. Convince Trump that a game changer would be to free Baluchistan from Pakistan by supporting the Baluchi freedom movement.

The most important diplomatic defensive deal would be to convince Trump to end US governmental support for Christian evangelism in India. He was heavily backed by the evangelicals, and they are experienced in extracting foreign policy assistance from the US government.

The fact that America elected Trump says a lot about it’s society. America has now lost the moral high ground when it comes to human rights, women’s right, etc. But that is immaterial to India’s national interests.

Pakistan is perhaps India’s biggest problem. Can Trump help there? Rajiv Malhotra thinks so and outlines a policy centered around Balochistan. Indian policy makers should pay attention. Also NRIs should come together to lobby for this. NRIs played a key role in the nuclear agreement with President Bush. Time for an act two, this time for Balochistan.

In this context, following videos of Rajiv Malhotra are relevant:
# Rajiv Malhotra discusses Balochistan with Dr Subramanian Swamy
# How to Interpret the US Presidential Elections 2016 in terms of the Myth of American Exceptionalism
# American Myth Undergoing Latest Crisis, Needs Dharmic Missionaries. Rajiv with Yogi Amrit Desai #8


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