Obsessions of Indian Intellectuals by Dr Kapil Kapoor

I came across this wonderful two-part lecture by Dr Kapil Kapoor on the Obsessions of Indian Intellectuals. Dr Kapoor presents a detailed and insightful deconstruction of the JNU and NDTV-chaap intellectuals who dominate Indian media and intelligentsia today. He analyzes their mindset, motivation, talking points and also the historical origins of this school of thought. Dr Kapoor is uniquely qualified to do this since he was a professor of linguistics at JNU, that Kremlim on the Yamuna!

In the process of critiquing these left-liberal intellectuals, he also outlines what Rajiv Malhotra calls the Indian Grand Narrative. The two hour lecture concludes with these words:

There are two knowledge cultures in the world – Hebraic and Vedic. And in the Vedic knowledge culture the fundamental drivers are different, for example, the definition of God, the definition of nature, the definition of man, the definition of being, other beings, the definition of time, the definition of duty and the definition of values .. these differ fundamentally … It is important to save the Indian, Hindu system of thought not only for the sake of Hindus but for the sake of the world. Because this (Hindu) alternative system alone is the solution to the crisis which is looming. 

That is a huge claim. But I think if you listen to the whole two hours and reflect on it, you would at least consider the claim as plausible.

If my recommendation is not strong enough, read this cool summary by Dr Koenraad Elst.

By the way, please inform if this lecture has been published as a book or article.