Sadhguru to NDTV crowd!

This conversation was pure music to my ears, not because of what Sadhguru was saying, as I had heard him say most of it before, but because he was saying it on NDTV!

NDTV is India’s equivalent of Fox news of US, but one who has successfully been pretending to be CNN. Most people, regardless of whether they like or hate Fox, are aware of the biases of Fox. It is amusing that “Fair and Balanced” used to be Fox’s motto until not too long ago! But many people are not able to see through the biases of the smooth-talking (pseudo) intellectuals on NDTV. And one has to admit that the decibel levels on NDTV are lower than other news channels of India.

Enough NDTV bashing. Now coming to this conversation. It is a must watch for the people who like to use cliches like all religions are the same, I am spiritual but not religious, all religions are irrational and require blind faith, all gurus are crooked, etc. The ones I like to call confused.

The host Arundhathi Subramaniam in the first few minutes says that she first approached Sadhguru 12 years back with a

.. certain measure of caution because the very word Guru seemed to be such a loaded one. It seemed so hierarchical, so authoritarian, so medieval in my understanding of it.

In other words – she was confused too! But not anymore. I should also commend her on how she conducted this interview. She asked all the questions that a typical confused person might have but in a sincere and respectful manner. She is skeptical, but not cynical.

While watching this video, note how the audience is reacting. Sadhguru is witty as usual and narrates some of his favorite anecdotes and metaphors to which most audiences, including in the west, applaud, but not this NDTV crowd. For example, there was an uncomfortable silence when Sadhguru said “in my mind secular means you are not screwed up in your head” around 17min!




Author: thisisnotrightwing

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